Leer en español | Ciberseguridad, viajes espaciales, impuesto digital, semiconductores, 5G: 2022, el futuro ya llegó

2021 was a transformational year when situations appeared to remain and which make the paradigms of the new society: hybrid jobs and work, cybersecurity incidents, semiconductors, future wars, cryptocurrency, climate change, installations on Mars, biotechnology, 5G, Artificial Intelligence challenges, Blockchain. 

Collected information and data about behavior will be utilized for visualizing future situations of all types.

Some may ask me: what about the Covid-19 pandemic? Covid-19 was the catalyst and booster of this process of acceleration and change. This signifies a real change of scene where we can say: the future is already here.


The weakness of information protection programs, which was a recurrent subject, will continue to be a problem in 2022 as the Internet pirates have in general the advantage of anonymity which eliminates the possibility of blocking them.

Also they are hidden by a kind of cartelization.

Israel is at the forefront with specialists in the prevention and detection of cybercrime.

Because of the danger inherent in these activities regarding the security and economy of the US, CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), are some of the organizations which will receive funds in 2022 from the central Administration from 1,000 million dollars promoted by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, for managing contingencies and reactions to cybersecurity threats and activity including cybernetic recovery. 

Attacks in April 2021 on the MTA (New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority), a critical infrastructure, showed that chaos could be produced in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Also the EU (European Union) plans a stress test on their supply chains, an intelligent strategic initiative by Emmanuel Macron who has on January 1st 2022 become EU’s president. 

Space Travel

Elon Musk, named Man of the Year by Time Magazine, plans to orbit the moon during a week in 2023, which would be the first tourist voyage of such a dimension. 2022 will be a year of training for such a space adventure.

The second step would be to colonize Mars.

As Juan Archibaldo Lanús says in his book Liberty or Submission, “Human beings are confronting an unknown danger which may allow for an unimaginable power and uncontrollable submission”. 

 A fiscal agreement for a digital economy

Having started as a search for a global tax in Europe on the technological platforms which only pay taxes where their head offices are located in fiscal paradises, this developed into a grand agreement within the OECD to change the way large companies are taxed.

A floor was created for companies’ income tax as well as the transfer of a proportion of profits to the countries where they operate.

All this depends on the Multilateral Convention to be signed in 2022 so as to put this agreement into effect.


2022 will be the year in which chips’ production will be increased. Chips’ scarcity has created a problem in worldwide production of goods and services.

Badly affected parties include the automotive sector, Nintendo and Apple.

Samsung Electronic’s Vice President and CEO Kinam Kim announced that in 2022 they would proceed with the construction of a new plant in Taylor, Texas, which should be in production in 2022 with an investment of 17 billion US dollars, so as to comply better with their customers’ chips’ requirements and contribute to the global stability of the semiconductors supply chain (El País). They already posess another plant in Texas.

Also, Apple reinforced their relationship with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and apparent industry information indicates that Apple could use this company’s technique for the production of 4 nanometer chips for producing their first 5G modem as well as their own chip.


The 5A mobile network is here to allow higher speed connectivity, negative latency and a 90% energy savings.

América Móvil, the Mexican originated company operating under the name Claro, is positioning itself as the 5G connectivity champion in Latin America. Active in 10 countries with their own cloud they are acquiring spectrum bands for 5G in Brazil and Chile, where they are starting to provide this service. 

There are other themes which we will analyze soon such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), cryptocurrency and blockchain, which are important participants in the present digital revolution. But as Yuhal Noah Harari said “people imagine the AI revolution and automation as an unique event, but we shall face a chain of revolutions”.