The magnificent seven of Wall Street. Open AI and Microsoft have a plan: Stargate. Mistral AI a new IA startup

In DPL News we published on April 11, 2022 “Artificial intelligence and war: the future is today”, where we explained in detail the Israeli anti missile air defense system known as the “Dome”.

The Iron Dome of Israel was the main protagonist in Iran’s attack on Israel with Drones and Missiles on April 14, 2024. We saw it coming.

2024 will be the year of intense competition in the technological field, a fight between champions with protagonists who sponsor important changes.

The Magnificent Seven of Wall Street

The so-called Magnificent Seven: Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Tesla, have so far been the technology companies whose shares currently concentrate about a third of Wall Street’s total capitalization shares

Those of Apple and Microsoft are the largest in the American market and it is rare that the S&P 500, the index created by Standard & Poor’s, has important movements that do not include those of these companies.

These companies’ performance is not a coincidence. It has to do with Artificial Intelligence.

Tesla, faced with the competition by the Chinese company BYD in the electric car race, Tesla’s valuations of over one billion dollars were questioned whether being far from reality. 

In any case, Tesla’s cars are more expensive and predictably their turnover for the sale of pure electric vehicles will continue to be higher (El País).

Open AI and Microsoft have a plan: Stargate

Open AI and Microsoft plan to create a data center in the USA with a estimated cost that could reach one hundred billion dollars.

An Artificial Intelligence supercomputer with state of the art chips (The information), would be installed in this data center.

The name of the project is Stargate. Microsoft would assume the financing and construction, Open AI the research, planned to be ready by the year 2028.

Stargate, the Artificial Intelligence supercomputer, would aim to promote the creation of a general IA that exceeds the limits of Artificial Intelligence.
To do this, Microsoft agreed with Intel to manufacture specific chips worth approximately fifteen billion dollars.

The biggest problem of this project is energy, which is why they are studying the use of nuclear energy. 

Helicon Energy Inc, is the American nuclear fusion research company, with which Sam Altman has already made an agreement to receive 50 megawatts of this energy by the year 2028.

Helicon Energy plans in the year 2024 to be able to meet the energy requirements without producing polluting emissions.

The fuel to be used is a mixture of deuterium and helium-3, something new in accordance with the latest research to replace tritium in the formula. 

It is interesting to emphasize that Helion Energy has the necessary funding for this development with investors of stature like Sam Altman the CEO of AI Open who has invested more than 300 million dollars.

Microsoft President Brad Smith said “we would not enter into this agreement if we were not optimistic that advances in engineering are gaining momentum” (Wall Street Journal).

This is referencing the new Polaris nuclear fusion reactor intended for commercial energy sales.

Open AI and Microsoft, with their growing prominence and their immense computational needs for the development of Artificial Intelligence, have taken the lead with their investment and support to energy suppliers that meet the environmental concerns and do not affect innovation.

Mistral AI, the new AI startup

Mistral AI, the European Artificial Intelligence company whose name responds to a strong wind blowing on the coasts of the Mediterranean, is looking for its place with the technological giants of the USA.

This start-up founded in Paris, France, in May 2023 by three young men, experienced thirty year olds, former Meta and Google, has deserved and important and detailed article in the New York Times (Liz Alderman and Adam Satariano, April 12/2024), and here we are also informing about it.

With the explicit support of Emmanuel Macron, President of France and Bruno Le Marie, the Finance Minister, Arthur Mensch, founder and CEO  of the company has said “since the creation of Mistral AI we have pursued a clear ambition: to create a European champion with a world vocation (Le Monde).

With an estimated value of 2000 million dollars, Mistral AI has already an estimated six fold increase of its initial of investors’ estimated valuation.

These innovators utilize open source that allows any user to create their own Chatbot. A Chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing, we could all create our own according to our needs and have our own virtual assistants.

In my opinion, with the massive application of Artificial Intelligence, in no more than five years the world will have changed.

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